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Hair Loss Max+ Therapy Kit

Hair Loss Max+ Therapy Kit

Intensive Hair loss therapy kit to help stop severe hair loss and promote hair regrowth
Step 1 :
 Use 1.3 Scrub once a week to provide deep cleansing of the scalp
Step 2 :
 Use Shampoo 3.1 daily leaving in for 2-5 minutes before rinsing for best results
Step 3 :
 Apply 1/3 of an ampoule of Serum 3.4.1 to the scalp to damp hair and massage until fully absorbed or
 Apply 8-10 sprays of 3.4.4 to damp scalp at the hair parting as well as a total of 8-10 sprays across the entire scalp and massage gently until fully absorbed
Step 4 :
 Switch between serum 3.4.1 and spray 3.4.4 on alternate days.
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£122.55every 6 weeks for 12 weeks
  • 1 x 1.3 Peeling


    1 x 3.1 Intensive Hair Loss Shampoo


    1 x 3.4.1 Ultra strong hair loss serum


    1 x 3.4.4 Ultra shock hair loss spray

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